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Here at Dale Kaiser Real Estate, we help families own and market all aspects of Real Estate; from Ranches to Homes to San Luis Obispo County Beachfront Properties. Cayucos is special with its sandy beaches, perfect climate, and sheltering bluffs low enough for frequent Coastal Access. Offshore rocks make for whitewater displays, good surf, and a pier to accent the historic downtown. Best of all is the people. Cowboys (yes, real ones), surfers, tourists, and millionaire refugees from urban excess all mingle in relative comfort knowing they’ve discovered a place that is uniquely suited to them

Why is Cayucos so special for so many?

It is certainly renowned beyond its size! One reason is the striking setting in broad Estero Bay with a picturesque backdrop of rolling hills and iconic Morro Rock. Early in its history many residents of inland valleys discovered the great beaches and favorable climate as an ideal location for a second home or retirement destination.

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Thank you Estero Bay News

Thank you Estero Bay News for sharing this article celebrating our 40 years in real estate in beautiful Cayucos! It covers Dale’s history from living in garages, picking up trash & cleaning toilets at Hearst Castle, to developing an absolute dream team & selling over 1,000 homes!

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The Town We Love

Our charming, laid-back beach town located on the Central Coast of California known for its beautiful coastline, surfing, and small-town atmosphere.

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Knowledge & Experience

Dale has lived and loved this community for over 35 years. His detailed knowledge of real estate history, building regulations and Cayucos locals commonly come in handy when discussing the history of your particular home, addressing concerns buyers might have, or getting in touch with professionals who may have even worked your home originally.

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4th of July

Building New Traditions

To honor his Dad, Dale has been placing an American flag in front of every Cayucos home on the 4th of July for over 35 years. He started walking the town himself, but now we have a team of local kids that look forward to the yearly tradition.

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